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Fall 2015 Commercial:Behind the Scenes

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes


Our commercials have peaked the interest of viewers over the years with the quick pace, the quirky items, and our  "models". (By models I mean extremely excited employees.) This past commercial we decided to give you all a little behind the scenes look at what all goes into creating our commercial. It all starts about a week before the shoot. We all start planning our outfits and what shoes, jewels, and purses fit with it. We get in new things daily at the store so sometimes an outfit is changed or perfect the day of the commercial. Working here we naturally want to buy everything in the store but realistically we cannot. So, being in the commercial gives us the excuse to try on everything and the sensation of buying all these things we have been wanting by being able to wear them for a short time. Plus being able to drape ourselves in as many jewels as possible is never a bad thing. (It's like playing dress up as an adult. I mean c'mon?! Who wouldn't love that?) 

Then comes the day of the shoot. (Yippee!) This year we thankfully were able to shoot the commercial at Pinot's Palette which is just across the street from us. I say thankfully because last year we were in fall coats in 105 degree weather. Usually we shoot the fall commercial in the scorching August weather and the summer commercial in the freezing cold so this was a breath of fresh air (or should I say air conditioning) for us. Each scene has two or three outfits unless an outfit is exceptionally grand then it can stand alone. The camera men set up and tell us exactly what to do. (Speaking for my awkward self, I will take all the guidance I can get.) The normal scene they have us smile, talk, and laugh amongst each other. Sounds easy, right? (HA) Guess again. We talk and laugh with each other daily but somehow when that big camera gets shoved in your face you freeze up and we instantly have nothing to talk about so we fake awkward, overly smiley conversation. This has to be done multiple times on two different cameras from tons of different angles. Generally to get all the scenes for the outfits takes two hours plus a couple hours to get videos of the Lucinda's products for a 31 second commercial. Besides videoing all the outfits, they also video the fun, unique gifts, shoes, and of course the adorable babies that have become a staple in every commercial. (Let's face it, they are the best part of every commercial.)

Commercial day is always crazy but it is a day we all look forward to each season. It is so much fun being apart of a commercial shoot and being able to act like models and get all gussied up for a day. There you have it! That is all that goes into the making of a Lucinda's commercial. It's a glamorous job but somebody's gotta do it. :]












If you have any questions please call us at 316-264-1080.
Photos by Chelsea Taylor at Little Layne Photography.