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Rock Out with your Socks Out


I realized recently that I seem to collect socks. No, I don't do this on purpose or anything but it just happens. My sock drawers are overflowing. How does this happen? Well it goes like this.... You find yourself on a trip to Target just to pick up some milk. While you are there you find yourself in the isle with all the curtains and then end up in the sock isle with no memory of how you got there. The socks have called you there. They are like real life sirens and you are the poor, helpless pirate. There are so many great patterns and the socks are all so soft. Then you get to the check out with a basket full of socks (and no milk of course). It's the same story every time. I am not here to answer your questions as to why this always happens because I am still investigating that myself (aliens). I am just here to let you know that you don't have to let your socks go to waste anymore. Socks aren't just for lounging or to be hidden under boots. Let those funky and cute socks show!

We have this impression with most guys that we are a girly store. Well we are but we also have a good selection of manly items. That being said, we have a wide variety of men's socks. Guys are lucky, they can wear funky/silly socks and no one would ever guess under those jeans and slacks. Take advantage of this, men, and make an impression with your sock choice. Socks can say a lot about a person. They can show that your outgoing, funny, or more of the laid back type. Let your socks speak for themselves.

There are lots of ways to style a sock, some are funky and some are more subtle. I have posted some pictures to show you some ideas we have come up with. As you can see, socks can be an accessory to add to your outfit instead of the hidden underwear that it has become. The obvious way to style a sock is to wear long ones to rise out of boots or to be scrunched on top of the boot top. You can dress up or down an outfit this way depending on the sock. Lacey, ruffle socks will make a boot more formal and a thick wooly sock can be used to be more casual. Another way a sock can be used is to use them with oxfords or some cute Mary Jane shoes. You can get as crazy with socks as you want.
Pairing them with leggings is funky but it is a warm choice also so that your ankles don't get chilly. Always remember trends are born by one person doing something different.











If you have any questions please call us at (316) 264-1080.
Photos by Chelsea Taylor at Little Layne Photography.