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Sparkling Savings

Sparkling Savings

The event that everyone has been anxiously awaiting for all year is finally here! Sparkling Savings is our most coveted sale and understandably so. For those who are unfamiliar, two days every year we have a special sale where all jewelry (yes, we mean ALL of it) is 40% off. Exciting, I know. We have jewelry anywhere from $1.99 to $398 and every single piece will be on sale. Even our jewelry that is already marked down 25-50% will be an additional 40%! All of this craziness will be beginning on August 5th (tomorrow) and lasting only thru the 6th (Thursday).  Every year there are several people who stop in early and pre-shop their favorites so they know exactly what to grab when they come in on the official sale days. But for those of you who weren't able to come in and scope out the goodies, I decided to do you all a favor and snap some photos of what sparkles await you. Enjoy!



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nursery rhyme

Lucinda's for Littles

Is it just me or does it feel like everyone and their dog is pregnant right now? It truly does seem like there is some magical baby dust in the water. Now, as I type this, I imagine some of you women are either chugging the water hoping to "catch it" (oh yes, I have been there; tried that) or you are avoiding contact with water like it's the plague. Either way, at Lucinda's, we have definitely had babies on the brain and can't resist the cute new kids items that have been hitting the market.



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