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Happy Valentine Season

♥♥♥Happy Valentine Season!♥♥♥

Hey there, lovely people! Can you believe it’s February already? That means Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and with all this snow, I’d say it’s about time for a healthy dose of warm & fuzzy feelings! Whether you need gifts for the girls or a few hints to help out your clueless sweetheart, we’ve got the stuff to make this Valentine’s Day a success! 

Pamper your lady friends with sassy face wipes and gum, tiny notebooks and locally made hair accessories from our own Sara Renei!Girly Gifts

Or how about some tiny necklaces?charm necklaces

Don’t have time to print your own Valentines this holiday? No worries, The Big Harumph already took care of it for you, with pencils to match!Georgia Valentine Prints

If you’re looking to give (or get!) something personal this holiday, look no further than Waxing Poetic. They make sterling & bronze charms and chains that are perfect for customizing the perfect, everyday jewels that mix easily with the pieces you already wear everyday! valentine bracelets

Waxing poetic necklaces

And if Valentine’s Day just isn’t for you, you can always celebrate with this guy:photo (1)

(P.S. While you’re in here, might as well pick out a new outfit with sweet little details for your hot date or to catch the attention of a future hot date!)photo (13)

Happy 153rd Birthday, Kansas!!!

Happy 153rd Birthday, Kansas!!!

Airplanes and wheat fields and pizza companies, OH MY!

This week marks the 153rd birthday of the state of Kansas, which became the 34th state to join the Union on January 29th, 1861! We here at Lucinda’s hope you’ll join us in celebrating this week, whether it’s taking a drive through the Flint Hills, eating a whole Pizza Hut pizza by yourself, or maybe you’ll take a stroll downtown and meet us here in Old Town to stock up on Kansas and Wichita gear, like…

Kansas buttons, made by hand right here in Wichita!KS buttons

Wichita flag stickers and patches!Wichita stickers

Kansas prints by The Big Harumph (…hopefully you all recognize the rocket of Riverside!)Kansas prints by The Big Harumph

Let’s drink to Kansas!Kansas cups

“Wichitawesome!” and “I’m a Keeper” shirts for the whole family!

Wichitawesome onesie

"I'm a Keeper" shirts

Have a super Kansas-y day!

Find Waldo Here

Find Waldo Here!

Find Waldo Here! Shop Local Scavenger HuntDuring the month of July, Lucinda’s is joining with Watermark Books and other local businesses to spread the Shop Local message and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the popular “Where’s Waldo?” book. In this month-long scavenger hunt, shoppers are invited to find the elusive Waldo, hidden in 20 local businesses, and have their passport stamped to earn discounts and prizes at Watermark Book’s Waldo Grand Celebration on July 31.

Stop in today for your Waldo Passport and start exploring the other local retail stores and restaurants participating in this scavenger hunt! Shopping locally helps our community, and who knows, you might just win some fabulous prizes!



OMG Halloween is almost here?!

Are you looking for a last minute costume but don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you’ll only wear once?

Well you’re in luck! Here are a few fun and funky costume ideas that have pieces you can wear again and again!


Look at this cute little panda! Not only does she have a fun vegan leather dress by Others Follow on but her ears and paws will keep nice and warm with the panda ear warmer by San Diego Hat Company and mittens by Mad About Style.

Kitty Cat

Meow! This little kitty will be the life of the party in this fun dress by Free People (great for all those holiday parties coming up!) Her fuzzy paws are mittens by Mad About Style and that gorgeous mask by Katherine’s Collection just pulls the entire costume together.


QUACK, QUACK, QUACK! What’s up duck? This fun costume has a sweet little dress by Yumi and funky orange tights by Me Moi.  Her feet are going to be nice and comfy all night long with these fun slippers by Rich Frog. If you don’t have time to find a duck bill, we suggest just going as the Facebook fad of “duck face”… :-)

Duck Family Slippers

…and the feet come in 3 sizes if you are looking to be a family of ducks!


Groooooovy. Spread some peace and love vibes with this funky outfit! Ya gotta dig those sweet jeans by Free People and flowy Ivy Jane top.  Add some extra flower power with a fun headband and big sunglasses to make your outfit complete!

Star Trek  Star Trek Laser

Live long and prosper this Halloween in this dress by Isle, who created a dress QUITE similar to a Star Trek uniform. Add some black knee high boots (like these from Not Rated) and perhaps a tiny ray gun and you’re ready to battle the Borg.

Pug Mask

…and if you’re really stuck, swing by and grab a pug mask-it goes with everything!!!

Whatever you decide to be, Lucinda’s hopes you have a safe, fun and  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

20's Gatsby Flare

20′s Gatsby Flare

We always have a mix of styles at Lucinda’s and we are loving the 20′s resurgence lately.

Black maxi flapper

Black Maxi Cha Cha

Blue nouveau dress

New-vous Nouveau

Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out.

It’s all about the details

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